California is the vanguard for the ideological rationalization of anti-Semitism. Its progressive regime imposes it on students from K-12 through higher education.

To understand how Jew-hatred festers underneath the surface of polite society before exploding into crashing waves of public rage, look to California. 

In a study of more than 100 schools most popular with Jewish students, 5 UC campuses were in the top 10% of schools with the most anti-Semitic activity, with 4 UC campuses rising to the top 5. 

California has a deep history of leftist activism that makes it the epicenter of anti-Semitism’s strength. Its radical political tradition is the eye of the storm that feeds the bands of hate and discrimination stretching across the country. 

Within the state, that hate manifests as University of California, Davis, Assistant Professor Jemma Decristo threatened Jewish journalists with home invasion, kidnapping, and murder. It manifests as Stanford University Lecturer Ameer Hasan Loggins rounding up Jews in his class to shame them publicly. 

The Left Coast is the vanguard for the ideological rationalization of Jew-hatred, and packages that anti-Semitism in Ethnic Studies curriculum, which the state’s progressive regime imposes on students from K-12 through higher education. 

Leading US Jewish groups blast Berkeley Law school amid anti-Zionism uproar

Furor erupts after 9 student groups ban pro-Israel speakers in latest antisemitism controversy to roil US campuses; Jewish leaders at college decry ‘panic-mongering’

Leading US Jewish groups on Monday condemned the law school at the University of California, Berkeley, amid an uproar over a ban on Zionist speakers by student groups, the latest in a series of battles over antisemitism on US campuses.

Twenty-six organizations said the ban was a “vicious attempt to marginalize and stigmatize the Jewish, Israeli, and pro-Israel community.”

“This is unabashed antisemitism,” said the signatories, including the World Jewish Congress, AIPAC, the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law and the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The letter was published in The Jewish Journal.

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