Underreported Islamic Attack In Fargo, North Dakota
    Believe it or not, there was an Islamic terror attack in Fargo, North Dakota, earlier this month, one that local law enforcement believes could have resulted in countless casualties instead of the one police officer killed. Like so many people from Syria last decade, Mohamad Barakat was brought to the U.S. as an asylee and became a citizen in 2019. He returned the favor on July 14 by allegedly randomly firing 60 rounds from his car near the site of a car crash on 25th Street. Likely waiting...
    By Twellit News 2023-07-26 15:47:54 1 427
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Illegal Alien Who Murdered UGA Student, Previously Arrested And RELEASED In NYC
The illegal alien accused of killing Laken Riley, a University of Georgia nursing student, had...
By Eric Thompson 2024-02-26 16:28:46 0 112
US Congress: The Data China Gathers Will Be Used In Organ Harvesting Plot
Journalists, academics, and other experts told Congress during a hearing Wednesday that evidence...
By Twellit Admin 2024-03-23 18:34:19 0 177
Soros Backed NYC DA, Alvin Bragg, Suffers Major Court Loss in Bogus Trump Case
Alvin Bragg Suffers Huge Court Loss in Trump Case! Bragg was hoping to drag former First Lady...
By Twellit News 2023-07-29 03:34:33 1 562
Delta Airline Employee Puts Rude "Trans" Netflix Star In His Place, He Shuts Down TikTok Page
An arrogant woke radical found out the hard way that Ameficans are increasignly tiring of their...
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Comer on FBI’s Wray Failure to Comply with Subpoena: ‘I Wouldn’t Want to Be...
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