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How Do You Know Things Are Bad in America? The Migrants Are Now Self-Deporting.
Joe Biden and the Democrats like to say the economy is roaring back. They’ve released these...
By Twellit Admin 2023-11-19 19:16:22 1 382
"Huge" - Trump Leads in 5 Swing States as Voters Blast Biden, Times/Siena Poll
President Biden is trailing Donald J. Trump in five of the six most important battleground states...
By Twellit News 2023-11-05 15:54:03 0 544
Steve Bannon Reveals Who He Thinks Could Be Trump’s VP
Former White House Steve Bannon shared his thought concerning former President Trump’s...
By Eric Thompson 2023-07-07 19:37:48 4 602
Confused Joe Biden Wanders Off Stage, Starts Sniffing a Baby!
On Tuesday President Biden wandered off stage, headed straight towards a baby, and sat in the...
By Twellit Admin 2024-03-23 20:26:29 1 274
Ohio Secretary of State: Biden Will Be Left Off the Ballot
View Source Joe Biden will probably be left off the ballot after the state legislature refuses...
By Twellit News 2024-05-27 20:13:25 0 34