Far-left writers at Politico are now insisting that Democrats should primary Joe Biden.

“President Joe Biden needs a tuneup. He’s a stiff when speaking at the lectern. When not a stiff, the 80-year-old can be a dolt, saying, as he did this week, that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “losing the war in Iraq” when he meant Ukraine, or blurting out a senseless, “God save the Queen, man,” at a gun control rally last week. The English language has never been his friend, so it’s logical that his managers, er, his aides, have limited his exposure to the press.” Politico wrote.

“If Biden can’t vanquish a worthy Democrat in primary season, he has no business entering the general.” Politico wrote.

The Hill also published an opinion piece questioning Joe Biden’s mental acuity.

“We Need a Serious Conversation About Joe Biden’s Brain” – The Hill’s opinion contributor wrote.

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