Dr. Jordan Peterson appeared before the House Judiciary Committee's Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government recently to testify about the dangers posed by collusion between governments and banks seeking to target political dissidents. He said that authoritarian measures are "absolutely coming" to America.

His testimony, among others, were made for the Judiciary Committee’s hearing over concern on how the US government colluded with big banks to surveil Americans' financial data based on constitutionally protected political and religious expression instead of criminal activity. 

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The Canadian psychologist and former professor also warned that many of the privacy-eroding technologies currently being tested out in China and other surveillance states may soon make their way to western nations. 

"I'm here to talk about the already extant and expanding collusion of government and corporation in restricting the individual freedom and autonomy upon which the productive, generous, and stable psyche economy and state are themselves necessarily founded," Peterson began. Trending: Biden Apologizes For Calling Laken Riley’s Illegal Alien Killer, An “Illegal”

He went on to detail the current state of affairs in China, where technology is used by the communist government to monitor every aspect of citizens' lives and, in some cases, treat them differently based on what the millions of cameras and other observance equipment watch citizens, warning that this could be coming to the west in the near future.

Citing the Covid-19 lockdowns, Peterson warned that, "any problem whatsoever that now confronts us can easily be used to justify the increasing reach of the security and nanny state." He then drew attention to the concept of the "superstate," which he described as "the ultimate fascist collusion between gigantic, self-interested corporations and paranoid, security-obsessed anti-human governments."


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When asked why he was so afraid of technology billed as safety-enhancing, he pointed out that, "there's tremendous danger in too much security." "If the emerging collusion between government and gigantic corporation continues in the manner that it is continuing," he said, "there won't be anything that you do that can't be used against you and will be used against you."


 Peterson went on to slam the Liberals under Justin Trudeau for "debanking" members of the "Freedom Convoy," explaining how it set the stage for potential collusion between governments and financial institutions in other western countries.

"This happened," he said. "The government is currently maneuvering in Canada to make the possibility of such collusion a certainty across multiple actual and potential domains of so-called harm, particularly in relationship to government-defined hate.

This is absolutely coming, and it's facilitated by the kinds of advancements in technology that we talked about today.

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