Modern Women Have No Accountability Because Society (the state) Has Giving Them No Consequences

Take state 'given' rights away from women

State taxation
State Welfare
State pussy pass
State No Fault Divorce
State vagamony
State Child support
State Double standards

Low Birth Rate = Wamans educated, wamans careers, birth control, no fault divorce, pussy pass, vagamony , divorce 'settlement', child 'support'

#Birth -Rates #Consequences #state -rights #pussypass

Plant-based Milk Market Expected to Expand at a Steady CAGR of 8% through 2029

A latest market forecast report published by Transparency Market Research on the plant-based milk market includes the global industry analysis and opportunity assessment for 2019-2029. Revenue generated from the global plant-based milk market has been estimated to be valued at ~ US$ 14 Bn in 2019, and is projected to increase at a CAGR of ~ 8%, to reach ~ US$ 30 Bn by 2029.
Vegans & Vegetarians Demand Plant-based Milk and Milk Products
Consumers are becoming more sensitive and sympathetic towards animals, due to the conditions and environment in which they are raised and harvested. Animal welfare is one of the primary reasons for consumers opting for plant-based products, such as plan

Digital Cypto has gone full circle

The Bitcoin Note – Secure, Self-Custodial Bitcoin Wallets in Physical Cash Form


Ive recommended Community Currency Physical based on hours is the solution for Money
* Not Digital
* Not Electronic
* No Central Banks
* No Power Grid
* No Internet

Migrating away from the Multi National Central Banking Cartel
and International Corporation Governance is the solution

Physical Cash , Barter, Swap, Exchange, No state system Trade

* No Welfare
* No Taxation
* No IMF, Central bank, Corporations or Governments

#Usury #debt #currency #money
#trade #swap #exchange #currency
#community #Localis

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

It will never return to the 'right wing' / republicans
This was one of the goals to Non white Mass Migration (mass replacement)

Get imported replaced population hooked on
Hand outs
Free pass

The Anti-Semitic Great Replacement "Theory" - Tell Your Neighbors

Here is a lesson to be learned. When laws and regulations are written in such an obscure and ambiguous manner instead of a manner that makes the intent and purpose of such laws easily understood by all people, it should be made very clear that such obscure and ambiguous laws were never designed to serve the interests and welfare of the public, but to serve only the interests of those passing and implementing such laws.

Neither the anti-Christ party nor union leaderships have any sincere regard for the welfare and interests of the rank-and-file union members in the first place.

In response Will Johnson to his Publication

Want to fix the city
* Remove Mexicans, Jews, Blacks from a city
* Remove corporations
* Remove central banks
* Remove UN, WEF, Stock Market
* Welfare, Diversity, Affirmative Action, Quotas

White Grandmother Has Arm Literally RIPPED OFF by Black Teens, {Mainstream Media} is Silent
(Vince James) {odysee}

#anti -White #unprovoked #race #identity #nationalism #separation #Segregation #didnuffin

- White only Community
- White only streets
- White only village/towns
- Self Segregation
- Self Separation
- self Succession

No niggas
No Arabs
No Chinese
No Jews
No druggos
No Welfare
No Gays
No Corporations
No Central banks
= Zero to Almost no crime

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