You Southern States, (and everyone else in #America ) #Texas #NewMexico #Arizona etc. you might want to consider this, I been studying this (no I am not sponsored by these people!) Gold Backs

#Silver and #Gold Coins, etc. to use in your state! Something you may want to research and consider!

#America how many of you have after seeing and studying the videos I posted are actually starting your #County #Constitutional #Militia aka Article 1 Section 8 Clause 15 of the #CONSTITUTION ?

IQ scores are falling and have been for decades, new study finds
(Norwegian , Denmark, Britain, France, the Netherlands, Finland and Estonia)

* Race Mixing

* Weakness , Censorship , Complacency, Modern , Centralized, Dependency

* Polluted Air , Polluted Water, Polluted Food, Polluted Soil ,

* Polluted Education, Polluted Culture, Polluted Minds

#IQ #race #Genes #identity #Nation #culture #Weakness #poison #subverted

Study: COVID vaccines raise risk of cardiac arrest 25% in youth

America does NOT now or ever need “a #Contract with #America” nor “a new Contract with America” we already have one – #USA #CONSTITUTION ! READ & STUDY IT!

Video: All #Bibles in Wrong Order & Change the Number of Books! (took me a LOT of research on this truth!) #kjv #kingjamesbible #Bible #BibleStudy


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MIT study ties COVID shots to cardiac arrest among youth

📈 Study: Covid Vaccine Complications 40X Higher Than Reported

The #AmericanJournal LIVE:
Study Finds Vaccine Complications 40X Higher Than Reported


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Severe cases of COVID causing cognitive impairment equivalent to ageing 20 years, new study finds

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