In response Christian Talk to his Publication

How does 'christians' that dont agree with state
deal with the truth, reality, bilogical facts ?

Do we vote or pray

Or find other solutions without the subverison, illegal, forced and methods that posion our minds

or just expect someone else to come along and fix it

Its LEGAL for women to take part in mass genocide/mass murder of babies

Its LEGAL for the state to steal

Its LEGAL for the entire system to wipe out whites

Is Alex Jones REALLY Waking Up to the Reality
of Who Donald Trump REALLY is ?

#statism #actor #controlled -opposion #Trump #Disinfowars #bankerbought #Israel -first #kike

Is Alex Jones REALLY Waking Up to the Reality
of Who Donald Trump REALLY is ?

#statism #actor #controlled -opposion #Trump #Disinfowars #bankerbought #Israel -first #kike

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Fakeup, pills and injections
its all posion

Posion is in our

Its all done on purpose to make us complant, stupid and obtant

Not Wanting to Date Women Over 35 is “Ageism”

World Plandemic , Jab posion and Lockdown fucks over millions
- wamans most effected

#ALLWOMEN #femalenature #thewall #35 #AWALT #DNA #Bilogical #female #dating #modernliberaldemoracy #kosher

Mr. Bevan Costello (Uncle Bevan Costello) dead after 2nd jab shot

All they had to do was stay quite and outlast the jabbed
not fucking demand the goverment intervene and come 'help' them to keep them 'safe'

#Abo #australia #goverment #agenda21 #Jab #posion #immunesystem #Plandemic

International Plandemic and Bio-terrorism of 2020-2024 continues

New Discrimination Rules tightened for un-jabbed people in Queensland, Australia (Sky 'news' Australia)

Medical apartheid for the un-posioned people from 2020-2024 without a ruined immune system

Rules tightened for unvaccinated people in Queensland - YouTube

Tightened restrictions have come into effect for unvaccinated residents in Queensland.Those people who have not received their COVID-19 vaccinations will be ...

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

One positive outcome with the Great Reset and Internationa Bioterrorism of 2020-2024

We have finally worked out that all goverements are

and ALL vaccines are posion

Release of US Plandemic Jab data ‘may take till 2076’ (50 years)
#Pfizer #FDA #bigphama #Jab #immunesystem #posion #massmurder #DEPOPULATION #Goyim #taxcattle

Trust the Goverment Tax cattle
- They would never LIE, CHEAT, Blackmail, composmise , defame , posion or kill the general tax cattle citizens
nor would they be bought of

Its posion for Blacks, Whites, Western Society and Western Culture

If you listen to the pattern its always
Fuck Whitey
Fuck the Rich
Fuck Cops

Its never about
Personal accountablity
Positive change
Getting a job
Cleaning your home/street/life
Being good

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