10 August, 05:58
Joe Biden Gropes Another Little Girl Who Visits Whitehouse

#pedojoe #CreepyJoe
Justin Derby @TTOR
26 July, 07:02
Just finished watching SeekingTheTruth's new video about Maria Piacesi confirming that Joe Biden did indeed pinch her nipple on national tv in 2015 when Biden was the VP. This video needs to go viral, so please do your part and share this video with everyone you know.

#seekingthetruth #JoeBiden #pedojoe #pervert #exposed
Larry Walders @Hokahey
22 June, 01:31
Another day, how many illegals enter our country thanks to pedojoe and the DEMONCRATS?
Larry Walders @Hokahey
18 June, 02:33
They need to give pedojoe a cognitive test.
Larry Walders @Hokahey
16 June, 02:59
With all the money pedojoe is handing out is anyone else wondering why he hasn't done anything for those on social security?

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