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Another Pay As You Feel Restaurant Fails - 3 Melb Stores closed

- Odysee -

- censortube -

Founder Shanaka Fernando - Sri Lankan (Duel Race/Portuguese)
(Rich Family/Social Justice/Vegan/Government proped up)


- picture -

#social -Justice #Equality #vegan #commie #Internationalism #great -Reset #Plandemic #Lentils
#race #culture #mixed #australia #diversity #multiculturalism #Human -nature #CONvid #carbs

Group of 30ish year old arab men riding electric scooters at 11pm at night
on an St Kilda Road (60kmn zone) in Multi cultural Diverse Melbourne City in Australia
Comes across a pissed off car that serves at them that picked up some woman

#diversity #Women #arabs #scooter #Melbourne #StKilda #60km

Scooter riders run for their lives as a driver tries to mow them down on St Kilda Road | 7NEWS - YouTube

A speeding driver out for revenge has attempted to run down four e-scooter riders in a shock case of road rage on St Kilda Road. They were forced to run for ...

Melbourne tackles homeless camps - YouTube

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but in this case, dozens of homeless junkyards have been built with what authorities are calling trash and not tre...

Seven people injured after car smashes through Melbourne shops - 9 'News' Australia

Typical Government Solutions
Ban all assault cars
More Laws
More Tax
More 'safety' imposed on Cities/CBD/vehicles
Blame White Straight Men
Limit cars in CBD

#assault -car #terrorism #attempted -murder #CBD #Melbourn

Seven people injured after car smashes through Melbourne shops | 9 News Australia - YouTube

Seven people have been injured after a car smashed through a shopping centre in Melbourne's inner-north. Subscribe and 🔔: | Get ...

If you reject the International Federal Goverment mandated Bigphama Jab and Face Nappy , then your a 'facist' for refusing to comply with
illlegal orders from 'goverment'

COVID COMMUNISM - Antifa hold a PRO-VAX rally in Melbourne

#commie #marxist #Jab #Mandates #agenda21 #Plandemic #bigphama #UN #WEF #GreatReset #Melbourne #australia

shitskin muslims in melbourne australia
"if we dont win we are going back overseas where we came from"


- good riddens
- go back to Iran/Middle East

Your not welcome, needed or wanted

Australia is for White Australians with English and European heritage

Melbourne protesters are 'ordinary Victorians who have had enough': Credlin - YouTube

Protesters have descended on Melbourne for the third week in a row to protest the Victorian government’s vaccine mandates and proposed pandemic laws.There ar...

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