Michael Bresciani @NAPMB
29 August, 05:43
Electric Vehicles Are the Latest Democrat Mandate

Democrats love to issue mandates, whether it involves useless masks, COVID-19 vaccines, or the car you purchase. This week, the far-left states of California, Massachusetts…
karen maquias @kiki
13 August, 04:11
karen maquias @kiki
12 August, 03:08
BearIt Gaming @BearItGaming
12 July, 01:10
She asks a very important question. Even I have asked this very question. Why is Israel letting only jews into their country not racist, while the United States being (for example) predominantly a white country is racist?

#Jews #unitedstates #Racism

charlie brownau @charliebrownau
11 July, 10:58
Maga Lady Dianna FINALLY notices ((( THEM )))

Jim and Dianna, The Kalergi Plan of White Genocide, 06/July/2022

* Odysee - https://odysee.com/Rizoli...

* Bitchute - https://www.bitchute.com/v...

#truth #anti -White #White -Genocide #race #race -Mixing #nationalism
#everysingletime #chosen -Parasite #Freemason #Kalergi -Plan
#EUROPA -the-last-battle #islamifcation #multi -racialism #Feminism #abortion
zoltan 4C™ @lobello
19 June, 02:41
A bishop in Worcester, Massachusetts, said a school could no longer identify as Catholic because it flew Black Lives Matter and Pride flags. The school has refused to take them down. https://nyti.ms/3HQdOI9
karen maquias @kiki
14 June, 12:43
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
11 June, 08:26
#Nazi #Fascist #Communist #Soviet People’s Republic of #rhodeisland - House Passes Magazine Ban and More! - #2a #2AShallNotBeInfringed https://www.nraila.org/art...

BTW #America after I was denied in 2003 an Out of State Weapons Permit in that evil state, I had them in #NewHampshire #maine and even #massachusetts I went on the Internet and shook hell and Patrick Lynch the communist attorney general wanted me to shut up & be in my best interest to stop the Boycott of Rhode Island, my response to him in 2003 was this photo! The commies in 2003 from Yahoo Chat thought I was the N word, wanted to come to Philadelphia and Lynch me!
karen maquias @kiki
04 June, 05:36
karen maquias @kiki
03 June, 01:59
Patriotswillprevail Intheend @Patriotswillprevail
22 May, 12:23
To Massachusetts citizens. Don’t be history. MAKE history! #COSaction #macos #articlev
karen maquias @kiki
20 May, 01:10
Caroline Thompson @CarolineThompson
20 May, 04:12
karen maquias @kiki
19 May, 01:44
Patriotswillprevail Intheend @Patriotswillprevail
18 May, 01:12
Massachusetts Convention of States is reporting this morning that H3660 has been passed out of the 2nd committee it has faced; a 2nd blue state breakthrough! AMAZING!! The "Committee reported that the matter be placed on the Orders of the Day for the next sitting." The "next sitting" is today & tomorrow. The resolution MAY be up for full house floor vote in the day or 2. PLEASE sign the petition if you haven't. If you live in MA, PLEASE call or write your representative NOW in favor of H3660! Don't stand on the sidelines while history passes you by; make history! #endgovernmentoverreach #conventionofstates #COSaction www.conventionofstates.com

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