Linux/System Administrator/Techie

NSA-proof your e-mail in 2 hours

Self Hosting Email seems to be the next step migrating away from Corporations, providers and companies

Alt SSL certs -
BuyPass and ZeroSSL instead of Lets Encypt for Free cost SSL certs for wesbites

Getting ahead of the SSL cert censorship I expect in the future

#SSL #CERT #https #tech #selfhosting #linux #opensource

Is this what "CONSERATISM" is about,
bitching they got banned/shadowlisted on twatter and big tech
but refusing to find real solutions
Not using alt tech
and not self hosting
along with paywalling their podcast website


Reminder: Robert F. Kennedy jr. #RFKJr on Tuesday 11/30/21 will be Robert Scott Bell's will host regarding #Fauci & RFKJr's new book on Fauci! I will be hosting it on my Internet Radio Station Website - Radio America USA #RadioAmericaUSA Start Time 3PM Eastern, 2PM Central, 12 Noon Pacific

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Good points

I expect them to get kicked off cloudflare and hosting companies once they become as popular as the other sites, kicked off by the choosen paraistes, always offended and state force

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Rumble censors
Rumble has removed people
Rumble 'requires' sms number to comment

JoshwhoTV has free
video hosting
jitsi meet server

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those who were Coast to Coast fans when Art Bell was alive & now George Noory hosting since 2003, many know JC Webster the 3rd first called 1996 and in light of Shatner going into space, it reminded me of JC Webster ranting, he also went off on Willie Nelson on the Radio

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If you need help contact me at

charliebrownau at proton mail


Check out


Entropy - Donations/superchats - Donations / superchats

JoshwhoTV for free video hosting, free streaming and free restreaming -

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Instead of hosting it on standard expensive webhosting

Seriously look into self hosting on a VPS server

Check out +

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