“BACK THE BLUE”? You Mean The Union-labor Papi$t$ that cowered in fear at Columbine and stood around doing nothing in Uvalde?
Let’s rethink this ha$bara:


Project Veritas released an 'leaked' video of ((( MUSK ))) with ((( TWATTER)) staff

Project Veritas - FULL CALL: Twitter All Hands with Elon Musk 16/June/2022
* https://odysee.com/@ProjectVeritas:7/full-call-twitter-all-hands-with-elon:7
* https://odysee.com/@ProjectVeritas:7

- Musk claims to want the (((Algorithm))) become open source and transparent
- Blue Check Mark verification via payment system - 3 bucks a month system
- Verified above non verified

#twatter #musk #Censorship #platform #free -speech #shutitdown #Check -Mark

Hunter Biden-Connected Firm Given a Pass for Same FARA ‘Violations’ Trump Associates Paul Manafort and General Mike Flynn Were Indicted On

Corrupt Hunter Biden Connected Firm, Blue Star Strategies, Given A Pass On FARA Violations However, Trump Confidants Paul Manafort And General Mike Flynn Were Sent To Prison For The Same.



Massachusetts Convention of States is reporting this morning that H3660 has been passed out of the 2nd committee it has faced; a 2nd blue state breakthrough! AMAZING!! The "Committee reported that the matter be placed on the Orders of the Day for the next sitting." The "next sitting" is today & tomorrow. The resolution MAY be up for full house floor vote in the day or 2. PLEASE sign the petition if you haven't. If you live in MA, PLEASE call or write your representative NOW in favor of H3660! Don't stand on the sidelines while history passes you by; make history! #endgovernmentoverreach #conventionofstates #COSaction www.conventionofstates.com

Electric Car Fail: Over 25% of Charging Stations in Deep Blue Region Do Not Work via@WestJournalism https://www.westernjournal.com/electric-car-fail-25-charging-stations-deep-blue-region-not-work/

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