The Covid-19 Vaccination Massacre

Dr. Igor Shepherd has put together an awesome essay picked by addressing COVID-19 as a fearmongering ploy to institute a Globalist ONE-WORLD governance among sovereign nations AND that the mRNA Jab actual purpose was (or is) not to cure COVID variations, BUT RATHER to damage people’s immune system to perpetuate future plandemic fearmongering to control the world’s population under ONE-WORLD Tyranny transformation:

To All in Favor of the MASS Murder Labeled ABORTION
GET your selves STERLISED..
But wait. Maybe your vaccination has done just did that.
Stop getting Pregnant..
Abortion is an ABOMINATION and NEVER should have been past.

India bans forced vaccinations, and the vaccine mandate

🔴 Breaking: Doctor Offered Hush Money After Warning Of Vaccination Dangers

Rally in Los Angeles: Stop the harmful vaccine mandates. People are dying and being permanently harmed by the vaccines. Stop the mass firings. Stop segregating by vaccination status. Stop calling American “unpatriotic” for making a personal medical choice. Stop the censorship. #vaccinekills #vaccineharms
#stopthemandates #faicilied #cdclied

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