Global Articulated Robot Market Opportunity
Global Articulated Robot Market will exhibit a growth of 24.54% for the forecast period of 2021-2028
Global Articulated Robot Market Analysis and Insights:
Articulated robots are robots whose arms have a smallest of three rotary joints. Articulated robots have made the industrial manufacturing procedure fast and precise. They are utilized in industries for several implementations involving material handling, welding, load/unload, bin picking, assembly, processing, washing, and painting amongst others. Articulated robots provide the production efficacy to industries as they can deal with the products which are too heavy and dangerous for humans to handle and the robots can work with minimal rest in comparison to the human

Logistics Robot Market Demand
Global Logistics Robot Market will exhibit a CAGR of 24.1% for the forecast period of 2021-2028
Global Logistics Robot Market Analysis and Insights:
Logistics robots are the robots that are used in logistics operations. These are flexible in nature and reduce the dependence on human labour. Logistics robots are automated machines that are used in warehouses, storage units, ports and other such places to perform the desired logistics operations. Logistics robots simply the operations and reduce the probability of human errors.
Rising demand for automated solutions for logistics operations to save cost and time is a root cause fostering the growth of logistics robot market. Rising incidences of accidents in warehouses or storage units

Based robots

These robots were trained on AI.
They became ((( racist ))) and ((( sexist )))

" As part of a recent experiment, scientists asked specially
programmed robots to scan blocks with peoples’ faces on them,
then put the “criminal” in a box.
The robots repeatedly chose a block with a Black man’s face. "

Over and over, the robots responded to words like
“homemaker” (women) and “janitor” (non-white)
by choosing blocks with women and people of color.

Opportunity: Increase in concern for safety at homes
The increasing cases of robbery and theft have prompted homeowners to focus on the installation of security solution systems at homes. Also, the busy schedule of working people has forced them to keep a permanent caretaker or maid at home, which, in turn, increases the security threat at home if the caretaker is not reliable. The use of a cleaning robot eradicates the need for a maid/caretaker, as these robots can be scheduled for later cleaning and can also be operated via a smartphone. The evolution of cleaning robots enhances the scope of cleaning robots. Earlier, cleaning robots were used solely for cleaning purposes. However, advancements in technology have enabled companies to integrate other applications ap



If not careful with technology, we might just become the bad guys, in the not so distant future, especially with all these coerced and forced on experimental injections, medical privacy violations with illegal vaccine passports, along with constitutional and the basic human right to refuse any medical treatments or tests with no prejudice, being totally disrespected. Do not comply or become complicit with tyranny; Ditch your smart phone and start paying more attention to the world and people around you, and stop acting like mindless robots. PS: This is my own video assemb

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U.N. talks adjourn without deal to regulate 'killer robots' (

Because Killer Robots, Killer Drones and Automated guns will be used to achive Agenda 21 in 2024-2023-2050

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ET, Where’s My Meal? Restaurants Turning To Robots To Run Drive-Thru's, Work The Fryer, Shuttle Food To Tables.

If Purging The Troops Via Vax Mandates Fails, Could Gun-Wielding Robots Be Used Against US Civilians?

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