02 October, 02:54
God has been gracious to America since today’s date in 1942, but most Americans have continued to cling to varieties of “Chri$tian”-flavored gynocentric spiritualism instead of turning to His Word in repentance at the end of Reformation. Growing consequences have followed!
Jeff Hertzog @jeffhertzog
25 July, 06:51
3 NEW Sermons on Now at my Internet Radio Station, Radio America USA #radioamericausa http://www.radioamericausa... #sermon #Scriptures #Bible #BibleStudy #kjv #kingjamesbible

Pastor Randy Parker - A #Reformation Problem
Pastor Volker Stoeckmann - Song of s #soul Set Free
Weekend Broadcast of God Said Man Said #GodSaidManSaid

Also the Robert Scott Bell Show, #rsbellmedia where the Power to Heal is Yours
Contenders Edge @ContendersEdge
23 July, 02:38
Leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) promote and engage in practices which borderline on occultism which is forbidden in the Bible.
Contenders Edge @ContendersEdge
19 July, 08:08
Christian History Institute---Who was Martin of Mainz? Most have never heard of him but he was a reformer before the reformation officially had begun. He was burned at the stake by Rome for the following:

“…he refused to abide by set hours of prayer and saints’ days. He claimed all Christians are priests, rejected rote repetition of the Lord’s Prayer, and denied the efficacy of outward works for salvation. He claimed that Christ on the cross suffered more from God’s judgment than from the physical torture.”
Contenders Edge @ContendersEdge
05 March, 09:54
If there is to be a Great Awakening, then there must first be a Great Reformation within the body of Christ, for as it is written, judgment begins in the house of the Lord. (1 Pet. 4:17)
And with that needed Great Reformation, there is required a purging from the body of Christ the pretenders and those with evil and self-serving motives that have nothing to do with the things of Christ.
Theo Prinse @TheoPrinse
12 October, 10:43
There Needs To Be Public School Reformations

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