In the Western camp, the concept of the "multipolar" world order is normally taboo, because it implies that the U.S. will lose its position as "policeman of the world." Indeed, projections of a multipolar future order generally come from Russia, China or other moose of the forming Eurasian bloc.

Kremlin chief Putin had recently stated against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine that attempts by the "collective West to push through its version of the world order are doomed to failure." Rather, the Russian intervention would mark the beginning of a reversal from American dominance in the world to a "multipolar" world. This process would not be able to be stopped.

Ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair confirms Putin: In the future multipolar world order

Late insights by someone who should know: former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, at the time the main American ally in the 2003 raid on Iraq, now confirmed at the annual meeting of the Ditchley Foundation the very chief of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, in his assessment of future world development. Blair literally said, "The era of the political and economic dominance of the West is coming to an end, and the world is moving toward the concept of bipolarity and possibly multipolarity."

In this regard, Blair called China "the world's second superpower" and stated that the world in the future would be at least bipolar and possibly multipolar.

In the Western camp, the concept of

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CIA director dismisses reports of Putin being in ill health

📍The Kremlin has previously played down public conjecture about the Russian leader’s mental wellbeing after he invaded Ukraine. |

───── ❝ Wrong Decision at the Wrong Time ❞ ─────

Ukraine’s New Status as EU ‘Candidate Member’ a Dangerous Game to Play

The EU decision, in fanning the embers of a cold war with Russia and penalising that country’s invasion of Ukraine, might provoke Russia into retaliation. Indeed, the award of candidate status to Ukraine might be interpreted by the Kremlin as yet another piece in an attempted encirclement of Russia by the European Union and by NATO.

───── ❝ WESTERN ARMS USELESS ❞ ─────
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The Kremlin on Thursday warned against new Western weapons supplies to Ukraine as French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi arrived in Kyiv.

The Kremlin warned against new Western weapons supplies to Ukraine as three European leaders arrived in Kyiv.

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───── ❝ DECOLONIZE RUSSIA ❞ ─────

The Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski Once Said That Without Ukraine, Russia Would Cease To Be An Empire. It’s A Pithy Statement, But It’s Not True.

Even If Vladimir Putin Fails To Wrest Back Ukraine, His Country Will Remain A Haphazard Amalgamation Of Regions And Nations With Hugely Varied Histories, Cultures, And Languages.

The Kremlin Will Continue Ruling Over Colonial Holdings In Places Including Chechnya, Tatarstan, Siberia, And The Arctic.

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One Of Vladimir Putin's Closest Cronies Claims Russia Could Destroy All NATO Countries 'in Half A Hour'. Dmitry Rogozin, Head Of The Kremlin's Space Agency, Roscosmos, Also Admitted The Strongman's Aim Is To Defeat The 'enemy' West And Expunge Ukraine From The Map.
(he tells the story of dimitry lena)

Biden and Putin BOTH show off 'Doomsday Planes' that can keep flying during a nuclear war: U.S. flies its $223million jet for a refueling mission over California while Russia's 'Flying Kremlin' soars over Moscow before its Victory Day parade

If that happens, then we can’t say that we haven’t been warned. That Ukraine harbors Nazi-inspired elements within its military ranks is well documented and a proven fact, yet the left refuses to condemn Vladimir Zelensky for harboring a neo-Nazi branch of the Ukrainian military while accusing Bible-believing Christians, conservatives, and MAGA adherents of being Nazis.

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Biden is slammed for his 'unscripted' declaration that Putin 'cannot remain in power': Experts warn that despite White House efforts to clean president's mess up, the Kremlin will have 'got the message' |

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───── ❝ EXISTENTIAL THREAT ❞ ─────

Russia would only use nuclear weapons in the context of the Ukraine conflict if it were facing an "existential threat," said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov

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