"Kari Lake wins the GOP Primary! Takes every county.

The more votes they count, the more come in for Lake. Like I said, it was a mathematic certainty based on the rest of the performance of the State.

This proves that the stall we have witnessed was a political one. There was ZERO reason for them to stop counting, not once but TWICE. It is a BLATANT attempt at fraud. And the extreme discrepancies between the mail-in vote and day-of vote clearly shows that fraud was attempted.

Katie Hobbs is compromised and needs to be arrested immediately."

-Clandestine via Telegram

DETROIT ELECTION UPDATE: GOP and Independent Poll Challengers Claim "At least 50 percent of absentee ballot envelopes missing signature verification check mark" https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/08/detroit-election-update-gop-independent-poll-challengers-claim-least-50-percent-absentee-ballot-envelopes-missing-signature-verification-check-mark/

Fake Missouri Poll Underestimates Trump Support in 2024 Primary Trump—he is leading the potential 2024 field absolutely and even a fake poll cannot hide that fact—several in-the-know strategists told Breitbart News that the poll is obviously fake because it actually undercounts Trump’s support. In reality in Missouri, several GOP strategists told Breitbart News, the former president is much closer to 70 percent or higher in Missouri, and DeSantis is more likely than not in single digits.https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/07/31/strategists-fake-missouri-poll-underestimates-trump-support-in-2024-primary/

GOP Senators pull support for burn pits bill that would help vets:

If a million or more MAGA adherents were to donate at least a dollar a month to help pay for Trump’s legal fees and finance his campaign activity, he wouldn’t need anything from the NRC.

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