GOP Sen. Josh Hawley Puts Nancy Pelosi, Lawmakers On Notice Over Shady Trades | REPORT ⬇️

Democrats Served Crushing Defeat on Filibuster, Dems. Manchin and Sinema Side with GOP


Head of UN Vax Program Warns Against Injecting Children as GOP Lawmakers Demand Answers to FDA’s Troubling Attack on Kids

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“Trump Supporters Swarm Pennsylvania GOP Senate, Gubernatorial Debate” | REPORT ⬇️

Virginia GOP Governor Fires Off 11 Executive Orders – On Day One, Youngkin “Fulfilled His Promise” To VA Parents

Man Allegedly Pushes Woman in Front of Subway Train - YouTube

Michelle Alyssa Go was standing on the N,Q,R subway platform in New York City’s Times Square when police say 61-year-old Simon Martial shoved her directly in...

Elections Matter – GOP VA Gov. Youngkin Signs 9 Executive Orders Day 1 – Bans CRT, Ends Vax & School Masks Mandates.

Bannon Warns Dems: GOP Will ‘Decertify’ Stolen Election, Will ‘Lead to the Total Destruction of the Democrat Party!’

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