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30 September, 08:45
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29 September, 11:02
Trump offers to lead Russia-Ukraine peace talks


Former President Donald Trump offered to “head up” a group to facilitate peace talks between Russia and Ukraine on Thursday, as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has passed the seven-month mark.

In a post on his Truth social media platform on Thursday, Trump reacted to news that a pair of Russian natural gas pipelines had suffered significant leaks as a potential result of sabotage. In his Truth post, Trump called on U.S. “Leadership” to take a “cool, calm and dry” approach to the “SABOTAGE” of the Russian pipelines.

Trump said:

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01 September, 09:52
This may be an excuse to control major cities as China's economy heads downward but it is definitely a cover for trade warfare.
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Ex-SNL Star Rob Schneider Says Memoriam for Hillary Signaled Death of Show

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Comedian Rob Schneider: ‘If Biden Was A Dog, You’d Put Him Down’

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The War of Reversal: A Total Attack on Humanity

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#JoeBiden quotes the Holy #Quran as he hosts #Eid celebration in #WhiteHouse https://youtu.be/CFidU9hg4...
Joe Biden quotes Quran as he hosts Eid celebration in White House - YouTube

The US President commended Muslim Americans as he marked the end of Ramadan in Washington.__________________All the latest news: https://www.thenationalnews....

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