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Since coronavirus microbes are 6-800 microns in diameter and the mask weave is something like 1100 microns square, we can all rest well assured some (((oy-veying oligarch))) got old-money filthy-richer pushing the surgical mask scam.

Vaccine Injuries as of February 24, 2022, VAERS reports (out of over 1,000 injuries showing 2): ■ 2,261 of myocarditis or pericarditis (damaged heart) among people ages 30 years and **under**. ■ 12,775 preliminary reports of death in the past 13 months, from December 14, 2020, through February 22, 2022.
#vaccinekills #vaccineharms #pandemic
#CovidVaccine #cdclies
Flawed PCR tests and swabs mistakes common cold and flu as Coronavirus, which means that many of the cases should never have been counted in the daily tally.  They killed hundreds of thousands of people by denying them things like ivermectin – [despite] the fact that there were cures for this disease a month into the pandemic. “They locked down your country on purpose, which destroyed businesses and weakened the economy. #cdclies #FDALies #faucilies #vaccinekills #vaccineharms #pandemic #nomoremandates

Putin Claims US Has Network of Coronavirus Bio-Warfare Labs in Ukraine

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