Biden Concedes Abortion Involves Ending the Life of a 'Child' via@WestJournalism

Chembuster: “KLAUS SCHWAB & HUNTER BIDEN CONNECTED TO UKRAINE BIO-LABS! - GREG REESE” (6:13) Published March 11, 2022 Note: What’s happening between Russia and Ukraine, is not what it seems. West Ukraine’s government is corrupt, has neo-nazis within its national guard, and is connected to Soros, the Biden’s, and the DemonRats. Please don’t lose sight of this fact!

#NATO #madrid
(Ukraine is the Afghanistan of Europe ➖VOE)

MADRID — President Joe Biden said on Thursday the US will provide another US$800 million (S$1.1 billion) in weapons and military aid to Ukraine.

Biden had earlier pledged more American troops, warplanes and warships for Europe as Nato agreed to strengthen its deterrents, putting more than 300,000 troops on high alert from the middle of next year.

You can only suppress the truth for so long until the truth is out in the open! All you Democrats who is Pro-Biden & watches the Jan 6 Illegitimate committee hearings. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid folks! Brainwashed. I am here to say the truth & post videos of what really happened on Jan 6. Real Life Factual Video Evidence Documentary.

CHAOS AT THE BORDER: Joe Biden’s ‘Compassionate’ Immigration Policy Leads To 2nd Mass Death Smuggling Incident This Week

HUGE VICTORY! Supreme Court LIMITS EPA POWER, deals Biden climate agenda serious blow, RESTORES STATE AUTHORITY ON ENERGY

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