In the summer of 1994 I was beset by an adversity that led me to begin seeking the Lord which then led me to begin reading a Bible that I did not have any reason to read beforehand.

I knew that if I wanted any favors from my Maker, I first had to make sure that I was right with Him. I found myself falling short of God's moral standard of perfection, even when I tried to do that which I knew to be right in His eyes. In June of 1996, I came to ask Jesus into my heart to be my Savior and Lord because I wanted to make absolutely sure that all my sins were forgiven.

My conversion wasn't as dramatic as other conversions may be, but I still found myself being changed and transformed all the same. I began ridding myself of things I knew were displeasing to the Lord, found a purpose in life that I had never before experienced, lies were being exchanged for the truth of God's Word, my interests turned from being self-ward and earthly to God and Heaven-centered.

By an act of what could be described as divine intervention, I met my wife in 2005. We got married two years later and have been happily married ever since.

Not long after I had come to Christ, I felt the calling to become some sort of a writer (both fiction and non-fiction). I am not the most eloquent speaker and therefore, I find writing to be the best form of communication for me and the most effective means to preach the Gospel and teach the scriptures.

I have a passion for the Word of God and apologetics (defending the faith) and believe strongly that the Bible is authoritative in all it has to say from the first chapter and verse in Genesis to the last chapter and verse in the book of Revelation.

Upon the creation of Contender's Edge, an external blogsite that I run, I adopted the name of D.H. Manheim as my pseudonym

So that it may be understood that I am not operating under a pseudonym with deceitful intent, the reason why I decided to use a pen name was for security reasons, but not for my sake.

It is done for the sake of friends and family and anyone with whom I am associated or perceived to be associated with so as to ensure that they might be shielded from any potential harassment and harm they might otherwise be made vulnerable to if I were to choose to reveal my actual name.

Personally, I do not like having to use a pen name, but due to the growing hostility towards Christianity, even in the United States where I reside, it has become a necessary precaution.

Contender’s Edge is admittedly an amateur blogsite, so do not expect anything that is extravagant or professional. But if the Lord wills, that will change.

I will admit that there are things going on that ought not be so named amongst professing Christians that do get me fired up and I am not afraid to call things out for what they are, but at the same time, there are matters that do require a more objective approach, especially matters the scriptures do not particularly address. There are times that I try to be gentle, but there will be other times you may be finding me taking stances with more firmness.

For anyone interested or curious about my blogsite content, you can find it here at

Contender’s Edge E-mail Correspondence Policy Notice:

Contender’s Edge does offer its e-mail address as a contact option on social media platforms for those who have questions regarding the Contender’s Edge blogsite, anything posted thereon, and anything pertaining to the Bible and the Christian faith, but due to problems with possible scammers, Contender’s Edge has felt the need to make clear to anyone wishing to contact Contender’s Edge by e-mail that Contender has not and will not divulge any information considered sensitive.

Information considered sensitive by Contender’s Edge:

1. Any Social Security information

2. Bank Account information

(To anyone wishing to make a financial contribution to the blogsite, simply click on the “Tip Jar” icon at the site. You will need to have a Paypal account, however. Paypal accounts are not hard to set up. Contender’s Edge is also looking into other donation options for those who may not like Paypal, but at this present time, Paypal is the only viable option that Contender’s Edge could find.)

3. Debit/Credit card information

4. Physical address

5. Mailing address (This is subject to change provided that a secure mailing address that does not reveal physical location is acquired)

6. The actual name of the founder of Contender’s Edge which remains undisclosed for security purposes and will not be revealed to just anyone. A time may come when the actual name of the founder and operator of Contender’s Edge may be revealed, but will be done so at a time of his choosing.

Contender’s Edge does not allow for unauthorized persons to sign documents or file applications of any sort in its name or under the pseudonym or name of its founder for any reason.

Contender’s Edge will pursue legal action against any unauthorized persons or parties found attempting to sign documents or file applications of any sort in its name or in the pseudonym or name of its founder that are tied to any activity which could bring harm to the credibility and reputation of the blogsite or its founder.

If there are any questions or comments about the policy notice or anything about Contender’s Edge and any content it publishes, you can contact Contender’s Edge at its designated page on this platform or by at its e-mail address at

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