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That over a thousand so-called medical experts would demand Spotify to de-platform Rogan only makes them out as unable to refute his claims. If they could refute his claims, they would see no need to demand that he be censored.

The only way to make Congress great again is if the fear of God enters into the legislative branch again and the only way that is going to happen is if God-fearing representatives and Senators are elected into office, and the only way that is going to happen is when the fear of God enters back into the people as a whole.

Why is GAB outcompeting GETTR? Because they are honest about being a free-speech platform. GETTR on the other hand, while advertising itself as a free speech platform, has yet to be trusted in living up to that claim.

Undeniably vile and disgusting, but it needs to be noted that the tattoo artist in question claims to have collected the fetus decades ago and had forgotten about it and claims that he does not collect the dark and disgusting things that he used to. No telling what changes may have taken place over the course of his life, but it appears that he may be walking a path less dark than he used to.

Known hostile entities should not be allowed to own anything on U.S. soil, much less agricultural land nor should US citizens be allowed to sell anything to known hostile entities.

Curious as to who did the arm-twisting in Britain to put an end to the COVID tyranny across the pond.

And it is being reported that Ireland and even France are following suit. [France most surprisingly]

But Austria doubles down on its COVID tyranny despite the massive protests against the mandates and restrictions.

I suppose this list of headlines must all, in some form or fashion, have something to do with the "Build Back Broke" plan the Biden creature, his puppeteers, and the entire anti-Christ party must be mourning over and hoping to somehow revive.

If the Biden creature is going to sell unused Border Wall material for scrap, will states like AZ and TX be willing to buy it to finish what Trump started?

Well Mitt, you and your fellow RINOs kinda let that happen when you had the power to stop it. All that had to be done was to demand a full forensic audit in all the states where the suspected fraud took place so as to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the results, but it was your refusal to do so that has placed us in the position that we are in now.

Young Mother Put To A Test Any Parent Hopes And Prays Not To Face

If the Islamic terrorist’s reasoning for taking hostages at a Jewish synagogue had not even partially had anything to do with his hatred of Jews, as is taught in the Islamic faith, then why did he choose a synagogue out of all the places he could have chosen to take hostages?

Seems like the new management of Virginia might not be a total disappointment after all.

[Still hold their feet to the fire Virginians.]