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2 days ago

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Question for everyone: Where in the First Amendment of the Constitution does it state that military personnel are not permitted to criticize their leaders, including the President? (not that the Biden creature rightfully attained that position by the way)

Former Trump HHS Covid advisor admits what we knew about COVID all along; it is nothing to be afraid of unlike what the task force sought to have the public believe; also reveals that there was infighting between Trump and the task force.

Texas courthouse defies the Biden creature’s order to fly the flag at half mast for the 13 military personnel who were killed. The courthouse explains why. What do you think of their explanation?

BLM/ANTIFA protest in residential neighborhood starts out as peaceful and non-disruptive but things get a little heated when they begin to block the roads; police take no action.

An old news item clearly, but it shows that there has been concern about election fraud for years. The matter just never came to the forefront until 2020.

Now I am curious as to what this guy’s next move could be. Doesn’t sound like that we are going to hear the last of him.

Gas prices expected to rise with the Biden creature’s continued disruption of domestic energy production and have increased every since his first day in office. A hurricane isn’t needed for that.

School teacher under investigation for removing the American flag and making her students pledge allegiance to the LGBT flag.

Public schools blocking students from internet access to conservative and Christian websites

Anti-Semitic Rashida Tliab would have us all believe the preposterous notion that Palestinian terrorists are loving and successful.

The Biden creature allowing Afghan Muslim refugees into American with virtually no vetting while making it very difficult for Christian refugees to enter.

This fearmongering rubbish may have come from the governing authorities of Australia, but I am sure it is bound to be spouted by the Biden creature’s administration and their wicked allies.

The propagators of the vaccine rejoice when an anti-vaxxer dies of COVID. Should we rejoice when a vaccine propagator dies from vaccine side effects?

That is a real possibility, but how would he ever be able to justify holding on to power in the face of undeniable and irrefutable proof that the election was stolen to the public, especially if he himself was implicated in the massive fraud?