I will be deleting all the trolls as we get ready to start promoting Twellit in January.

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In response Twellit Admin to his Publication

How does your site define a troll? Is talking about Jews being behind all the evil in the world, talking about white people needing to stand up against anti-white racists on a regular basis, and slamming on Christians qualify as troll behavior?

I don't do these things obviously, but @charliebrownau is concerned about being banned from Twellit because of these views he holds.

In response Justin Derby to his Publication

Even I have a bit of concern. Do I not have the right to disagree with others? Is saying that people like Stew Peters and Nick Fuentes are idiots not free speech?

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In response Twellit Admin to his Publication

So you no longer support
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Expression

I'm pretty sure I know who will be classified as TROLLS, HATE SPEECH or insert made up word to censor

* Anyone that names the Chosen Parasite
* Reject Statism Slavery
* Reject World Central Banking
* Debunks uni-party voting fraud & Kike traitor
* Exposes Bio-terrorism Plandemic + Hoax-down
* Tells Truth,facts,evi