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In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

When has the 'right wing'/gop/trump supported

Removal of Agenda 21 / NWO / 2030

Removal of Zionist Power from White Nations

Remove of Multi Culturalism, Equality, Feminism, Diversity , Affirm Action, Quotas

Removal of World Central banking, Fait Currency, IMF + World Bank + Fed

Removal of VAT/GST, IRS , Income Tax, Wage Tax

Built a wall around the entire country

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

You and others keep on blaming Ethnic Nationalism & Soclailism

Yet you refuse to admit that all goverments are socialism by having state force, taxation, welfare, overseas aid and weath redisturubution

All goverments are Authorianism

All goverments are slavery

Also when are you finally ready to call out Israel, Jews and Zionism