This entire Q bullshit is a Deep State Psyop to lull stupid Americans into thinking that Trump, a 33 Degree Freemason who reports to the Rothschilds, is returning to the White House to save us. "The Plan" is for us to do NOTHING and just wait on him while Biden DESTROYS America. PROVE ME WRONG.

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In response Robert Franz to his Publication

Look at what they DONT DO and DO DO and actually support

Name a single party or poltican or goverment willing to

Stop Multi racialism
Ditch IRS, FED, IMF, Central banks, fait/gold standard
Stop taxation, GST/VAT, Income tax
Stop welfare, overseas aid
Remove ISLAM, Arabs, Blacks, Jews+Chinese
Name the Jew
Reject Agenda 21
Reject Corporations, Great Reset, UN, WEF, DAVOS

In response Robert Franz to his Publication

Biden - White Kike Zionist
Trump - White Kike Zionist
UK PM Boris - Jewish Zionist
NZ PM - Male Tranny kike
AU goverment - White kikes zionists

UN formed to form a single jewish world goverment run from israel

Federal Reserve - Jewish
WWI+2+vietnam+iran+9/11 - wars for israel

20 nations its ILLEGAL to name the Jew and disbelive the holohoax event

The kikes will not clean the swamp