HORRIFYING | World Economic Forum Releases Their Vision for Life In 2030

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In response Theo Prinse to his Publication

Terry MvAuliffe - Virginia , USA has too many white students , we need to replace WHITEY with no whites
- Diversity https://nitter.net/tomselliott/status/1455252222762176516#m

Too many Chinese in China, 50% of them must be Mexican, Blacks and Arabs
Too many Jews in Israel, 50% of them must be Chinese, Blacks,Arabs

#diversity #nonwhite #replacement #jewishlobby #USA #Virgina #Multicultur

In response Theo Prinse to his Publication

170 nations goverments signed Agenda 21 2020-2030 in 1991

The uniparty (left/right) has supported this for many years

No vote
We werent asked
They signed us up to this future

Voting wont change it