It doesn't seem to "compute" in a lot of Christian's brains that the Covid "vaccines" have aborted fetal tissue in them. And that it is immoral to take "vaccines" with ingredients obtained from abortions. I don't know why it's so hard for such people to comprehend what I just typed.

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Christians lack a document of Princlables

They stand for nothing

They gave up power to the STATE

They comply with Agenda 21 , Anti White, Anti Nation , Anti Truth

Christianity the group, foundation, church and system

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There is a document Charlie: It's called the Ten Commandments in the book of Exodus. And these commandments are binding on every Christian. One of those commandments states: You shall not murder. And abortion is murder. By injecting oneself with vaccines containing aborted fetal tissue, idiotic Christians (Christians in name only) are supporting the abortion industry.

How can you have two masters
Region and the STATE

Unless X region is willing to
Self Succed
Self Seperate
Self Segerate

How does the church/region enforce its moral compass and rule set , when its over writtern by the state ?

Yet to see a single goverment willing to hold women to the same standard as men

In response BearIt Gaming to his Publication

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