Flashback from 2007 - JC Webster 3rd calls #ArtBell (June 17, 1945 – April 13, 2018) - Accuses #WilliamShatner of being an Operative for #Canada - https://youtu.be/32qhbqKPsa4

JC Calls Art Bell Accuses William Shatner of Spying for Canada - YouTube

JC on The Art Bell Show in 2007. Accuses Star Trek of being porn. Food shows are Porn. William Shatner is a spy for enemy nation of Canada. .~~~~ About Profe...

Shatner is jewish not white and not canadian

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those who were Coast to Coast fans when Art Bell was alive & now George Noory hosting since 2003, many know JC Webster the 3rd first called 1996 and in light of Shatner going into space, it reminded me of JC Webster ranting, he also went off on Willie Nelson on the Radio

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After learning the truth about
- Earth is flat
- Gravity doesnt exist
- Moon landing was hoaxed
and we have a DOME filament above us

Earth is artifcally created for US

It also goes to show all this UFO 'truthers" are bullshit

99% of the ufo truthers never tell the truth about
Flat Earth, Flat Map, Dome, gravity, moonlanding
or name the choosen parasites

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