Politicians Demands Vaccine Passports To Control The Unvaccinated (RANT) - YouTube

#AusPOL #Passports #HeiseSaysSouth Australian Politician Frank Pangolla is demanding vaccine passports to control and restrict the unvaccinated. "Papers Plea...

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In response charlie brownau to his Publication

Even the vaccinated are spreading the "joy". It does absolutely NOTHING to stop the spread and it's poison.(my humble opinion)

In response Kathy Dest to her Publication

Its been exposed that double jab doesnt stop you getting infected

PCR test isnt to be used

Posion is inside the jab

Polticans and goverment lie

Convid Plandemic, hoaxdown and goverment force is to create the economy collapse to warrant the excuse for the World Economy Reset to bring about 2030 / Agenda 21 / World Dictorship

Goverment never represents the nation or people

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