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It is impossible to transition genders. “Trans” people need therapy, not gender affirmed.
01:11 AM - Nov 24, 2022
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24 November, 01:12
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“NO OTHER GOD Who Can Deliver after this sort!” ~ Nebuchadnezzar…a ruler who got schooled in the fashion many a (((corrupt globali$t))) is about to be!
And boy, do we need it
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75 06 29 0763 - Our God Is Able - Jun 29 1975 Dr Wierwille bible reseaarch Old Testament - YouTube

Scripture Index: My God Is Able - Tom Lepinski; Daniel 3:1-12; 2:46-49; Daniel 3:12-18; Psalm 137:1-4; Daniel 3:17-25; Daniel 3:25-30; (Psalm 137:1-4; Daniel...