levtcs: “TRUTH ABOUT UKRAINE/RUSSIA NOT WHAT YOU THINK 2-24-22 THE JIMMY DORE SHOW” (37:55) Published February 25, 2022 Note: This video helps to explain the cause of the war between Ukraine and Russia, which is really between West and East Ukraine. If you want a better understanding of the conflict that is taking place, I recommend watching the “Color Revolution-Ukraine on fire” documentary. It covers Ukraine’s history, up until about 2014-2015. The documentary was released in 2016. But, it helps to explain the conflict, we are seeing now. I will post a link in “Comments”, for this documentary. Some of what is mentioned in this video can be explained in further detail, within the documentary.

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firestarter108: “COLOR REVOLUTION - UKRAINE ON FIRE (2016) -2014 MAIDAN MASSACRE - DOCUMENTARY YOU’LL LIKELY NEVER SEE” (1:33:57) Published January 13, 2020 Note: This video is very informative. It’s a documentary put together by filmmaker Oliver Stone, in 2016. It helps to explain the history of Ukraine, the turmoil it has faced within its own government, NATO involvement, U.S involvement, and the suffering the Ukrainian people have endured. This documentary helps to explain the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, that we are seeing now.