In response Michael Bresciani to his Publication

Every part of the Biden administration is Jewish

Both Trump and Biden are
Israel First
Agenda 21 onboard

Part 4 – Epilogue – I am planning to do a podcast show on my status, many of you know I was abused and almost killed at Valley Manor Nursing Home in 2018, no justice yet, my lower 5 disks were damaged there, now since Medicare and Medicaid do not cover non invasive treatments (I will disclose all this on the show), I need 6000.00 cash down before treatments start, so I will cover everything on that and even a partial win, all the troublemakers there are all gone, but the #Rothschild #zionists who own the nursing home still own the hell hole and paid off their fellow Fake jews #MorganandMorgan and #JeffRosenbaum not to take the case (I already in 2019 showed that proof) Stay Tuned!

My #GodDamnAmerica Tour will continue!

The Intellectual Dark Web "IDW"
= Zionists in Intellectual Clothing

#zionists #controlled -Opposition #race #identity #front -Men

Tucker Carlson {kike} Supports Violence Against National Socialists (Ethnic Nationalists) !

Tucker + Dave - Its okay to use violence against National Socialist
but not International Zionists/Marxist/Feminist/Commie/etc

#fox -Jews #kike #anti -White #zionist #Israel -First #controlled -Opposition #Uniparty -fraud
#Choose -Tribe #multi -Racialism #America

Matt Haggman - Jewish Zionist
Chuck Schumer - Jewish Zionist
Bernie Sanders - Jewish Zionist

Dave Rubin - Jewish Zionist
Ben Shapiro - Jewish Zionist

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

Jews + Judaism + Zionism =
Progressive (International Commie)

Its the same group pushing the same stuff
Jews, Zionists and Judaism

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication


It was Jews behind the importation of Blacks to White America , along with Arabic Muslims and Black tribes

No 'right wing' whites owned slave
and the tiny fraction of whites that owned slaves was left wing kikes in league with Israel, Jews, Zionists, UN

- " The Battle For Europe Integration Has Failed And Russia Provides Proof "

Multiculturalism + Feminism + Diversity is all a
War against White Nations & Multi racial weapon
to achieve White Genocide and White population Replacement
by Anti Whites , Zionists and Kikes

ITS THE {{{ JEWS }}}

#Mass -migration
#civic -nationalism
#White -Genocide
#White -replacement

Question for
Civ Nats
Race Mixers

How do white people avoid Ethnic Genocide
if the system and government is Anti White

Run by Israel, China, UN, Corporations, Banks
, Anti Whites , Kikes, Zionists and Internationalists

Whites have no power
Whites have no representation
Whites have no support

Whites are blamed
Whites are Replaced
Whites are hated
Whites are guilted

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

Feminism, Equality, Diversity, Multiculturalism , neo conservitism , Neo Liberalism , Woke, CRT is all

Anti White

Pushed and funded and created by Jews/Zionists/Kikes

Weapon against Whites and Western Kind

Is a tool to destory , depopulate and ruin
White Nations
White Society
White Values
White Population

no one in the uniparty farse stands for
working class

We are all tax cattle to fund our own destruction, brainwashing and 'progress' to 2030

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

If anyone LOGICALLY and RATIONALLITY looks at what RACE and WHO is actually in charge

Its definally NOT Whitey

Central banks
Agenda 21/NWO/UN/WEF

Whites havent been in charge of their own nation for decades, yet so many 'christians', patriots and 'right wing' refuse to name the choosen parasite

In response Robert Franz to his Publication

Biden - White Kike Zionist
Trump - White Kike Zionist
UK PM Boris - Jewish Zionist
NZ PM - Male Tranny kike
AU goverment - White kikes zionists

UN formed to form a single jewish world goverment run from israel

Federal Reserve - Jewish
WWI+2+vietnam+iran+9/11 - wars for israel

20 nations its ILLEGAL to name the Jew and disbelive the holohoax event

The kikes will not clean the swamp

In response Justin Derby to his Publication

USA is controlled by Zionists, Jews, Central banks, Corporaitons and UN

Each state should succed from the Federal 'goverment'

Each District, City and State should have huge walls

America was destoryed ages ago
- Feminism, Multircialism, Equality, Diversity, Taxation, Federal Reseve, Taxation, Statism,etc

You refuse to accept the reality of our sitation
or you support Agenda21/NWO

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