They can start by respecting Israel’s historical and divine claim to the land in which they were re-established and declare the so-called Palestinians as an illegitimate people who have no legitimate claim to the West Bank or Gaza as they are all a proxy of Jordan.

This is the day the lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad, Now if all the Mothers, Fathers, Teachers & students who are doing the walk out in California tomorrow, in Protest of the vaccine THEN, WE ALL NEED TO STAND UP & put TRUMP back in the WH

"People love Jesus as long as we're too clear about who He is." Voddie Baucham

God With Us | Voddie Baucham - YouTube

The depravity of the human race has been blatantly displayed in every place throughout all of history. The Apostle Paul was clearly right when he said, “None...

If the anti-Christ party fails to pack SCOTUS, it will be because God is good and gracious and not because of the conservatives who decided to resign when they should have remained on the court reform commission to the end.

His family should start a GiveSendGo account to help him with his $5K/month lost earnings.

Another one who has absolutely no clue about anything transportation, or for that matter 'climate change'. Hey dumbass, the climate changes hourly across the world and has for centuries, don't take a rocket scientist to figure that out.

Is the #FBI simply a corrupted tool in the hands of the political and media elites? - FBI Raids Home of #NYPD Sergeants’ Union Head Who Criticized #deBlasio and #Cuomo

OpenRA - Multiplayer - 3 shitcunts vs 2 AI
'Everythings fine' (Charliebrownau) [joshwhoTV]
#openRA #multiplayer #RTS #redAlert #pewpew #everythingisfine

So called "FREE SPEECH" forum Ruqqus has closed

Check out or for FREE Speech

free speech social networks :-
* Creation Social -
* Twellit -
* Loop -

#speech #hurtfeelings #truth #Offense #Snowflakes #FreeSpeech #platform #moderators #forums #voat #poal #ruqqus

You’re Just Too Amazing to Keep a Man… Right? | Ride and Roast - TerrencePopp

#terrencepopp #redonkulas #rideandroast #datingfail #getonjoshwhotv

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