#Vault7 CIA Whistleblower Being Denied Whistleblower Protections In Court


Whistleblowers in FBI reveals a cover-up for Hunter Biden.
Hannity is right, Why should we trust anything about the corrupt FBI anymore? Ever again? They are corrupt to the core.

FBI whistleblowers come forward regarding Hunter Biden, Trump investigations - YouTube

Wisconsin Republican lawmaker tells 'Hannity' it is time for FBI Director Christopher Wray to answer questions on purported 'clean-up' of bureau. #hannity ...

Whistleblowers: DOJ, FBI show political bias in investigations, Thibault worked to falsely discredit legitimate evidence against Hunter, If allegations prove true, Justice Department and FBI are corrupted to their very core.

Whistleblowers: FBI closed Hunter Biden probe, leaked 'Russian disinfo' claim https://www.wnd.com/2022/07/whistleblowers-fbi-closed-hunter-biden-probe-leaked-russian-disinformation-claim/

Pfizer Asks Court to Dismiss Whistleblower Lawsuit Because Government Was Aware of Fraud

“In an interview with The Defender, Jackson’s lawyer said Pfizer argued the lawsuit, which was filed under the False Claims Act, should be dismissed because the U.S. government knew of the wrongdoings in the clinical trials but continued to do business with the vaccine maker.”


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