PERSONAL FINANCE Is Not Part Of government indoctrination, because - like civics - it’s
1.practically useful, AND
2.Would therefore be a threat to both teachers’ unions and the KHAZARocRAT Party.
#0urKHAZARi $tocracy #keepEmDUMB &votingCOMMIE

Why They Don't Teach Personal Finance in the Public Schools - YouTube

Part politics, part stupidity, but it all hurts children in the end - why the public schools rarely teaches personal finance to their students.

House Votes To Pass Sweeping #GunControl Package After Voting To To Raise Minimum Age For Buying Semi-automatic Weapons From 18 To 21 In Response To Buffalo, Uvalde Shootings

So now the government (CISA) is admitting there are vulnerabilities in the voting machines that were used to conduct "the most secure election"...🤬

BREAKING: Hero Sheriff Dar Leaf Sues Lawless MI AG Nessel, Dishonest MI SOS Benson For Interfering, Obstructing and Covering Up Crimes In Election Fraud Investigations, Including Machine Voting, Ballot Harvesting and Trafficking

The #AmericanJournal - Cyber Agency Admits Voting Machines Have Exploitable Vulnerabilities

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The nation’s leading cybersecurity agency says in an advisory sent to state election officials that electronic voting machines used in 16 states have vulnerabilities that leave them susceptible to hacking if unaddressed. #VoterMachinesCanBeHacked

Election Machines: Tina Peters County Clerk in Mesa Colorado, stumbled across evidence of manipulation when making backup of her counties Dominion Voting System server both in a recent local election and the 2020 general election. Premiers July 16.

Lankford Joined Trump Backstabbers

As a result of Senator Lankford tossing President Trump under the bus a local Tulsa Pastor (Sheridan.Church – formerly Sheridan Christian Center) in Jackson Lahmeyer is challenging Lankford in June 28 GOP Primary. I’ll be voting for Lahmeyer in the Primary:

Well, I went to vote this morning and immediately lost confidence in PA's primary election... We're using the same voting machines they used to steal 2020. Just to try to make sure my vote counted the way I wanted it to I hand wrote everyone I voted for even though their names were on the ballot.

EXCLUSIVE: Based on a Thorough Review of Election Regulations, Not a Single Voting System Testing Lab Used in the 2020 Election Was Accredited Based on the Law (Part I)

"If you are in NC listen up...
Call to action in Surry County for election integrity. Surry county is the first County to ask to remove the machines and they need your help, they need everyone in North Carolina to attend the county Commissioners meeting on Monday night 6pm. The GOP Chair is asking the county commissioners to remove all voting machines and count the votes manually. They are getting huge push back from state board of elections. Without your support this might not happen. We need 1000 people to attend from all over NC. Please attend." -

New Mexico Audit Identifies Feature in Dominion Voting Machines that Allows Ballots to be Filled Out by Machine Itself

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