The Same #FBI That Raided #DonaldTrump Ignored Hundreds Of #Child #rape Victims & Warnings Of #MassShooters - when is #America going to vote Representatives in that will abolish this modern day #KGB #Gestapo ?

”(((JOE BIDEN))) Is The Most Popular Ko$$ack $ock-puppet in hi$tory, having received over 80 million FAKE vote$!!!” LMFAO!!!

#FAKE &gay

Maher Says He’ll ‘Vote Based on COVID Policy’: ‘I Felt Freer in Florida’

Video: Michelle #Obama (born Michael Lavaughn Robinson) Registered To #vote As a #man In 1994 According To #ILLINOIS State Board of #elections - FACTS PRESENTED! -

Michelle Obama Registered To Vote As a Man In 1994 According To Illinois State Board of Elections - YouTube

Former First Lady Michelle Obama was registered to vote as a man from 1994 until 2008, according to official documents obtained from the Illinois State Board...

#Homeless #LA .
L.A. City Council To Vote On Initiative Requiring Hotels Use Empty Rooms For Homeless |

"Kari Lake wins the GOP Primary! Takes every county.

The more votes they count, the more come in for Lake. Like I said, it was a mathematic certainty based on the rest of the performance of the State.

This proves that the stall we have witnessed was a political one. There was ZERO reason for them to stop counting, not once but TWICE. It is a BLATANT attempt at fraud. And the extreme discrepancies between the mail-in vote and day-of vote clearly shows that fraud was attempted.

Katie Hobbs is compromised and needs to be arrested immediately."

-Clandestine via Telegram

Poll: Almost 40% Of Democrat Voters Say Democrats Have ‘Run The Economy Into The Ground’

This is why I've been saying we need massive turnout on election day, overwhelm the system so bad they either can't steal it or it is so blatent everyone can see it... Get everyone you can out to vote in Nov.

In response Jeff Hertzog to his Publication

DOXXING COMMIE$: These Traitor$ voted against your Constitutional right to defend yourself - if ANY of them CLAIM to represent you, they REALLY $tump For Bloomberg, & it’s time to remove them!

These 18 Traitors Voted For The AWB & Are Vulnerable THIS NOVEMBER! - YouTube

Sight Mark: https://sightmark.comFreedom Garage: Capitol Switchboard: (202) 224-3121Find YOUR US Repre...

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