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Winning WW2

- Open Borders
- Debt Slavery Currency Economy system
- Central Banking Cartel + Usery

- Unlimited non white population replacement
- White Population BELOW replacement level
- White Culture Erased
- White Blame
- White Guilt
- White Shame
- Anti White System/education/media

- Equality
- Feminism
- Diversity
- Multi-racialism
- Liberalism

- Censorship
- Mental Illness
- Drugs
- Porn
- Wars for Israel

What was 'great' after we 'won' WWI/WWII ?

#wrong -enemy #White #culture #race #identity #White -genocide

White Genocide :-

WWI/WWI/Middle East Wars
Federal Governance
Egalitarianism/Equality/Equality of outcome/Equal outcome
Forced Integration
Forced Mixing
Open borders
Mass Migration
Non WHITE migration
Pussy pass
"RACISM" pass
Jewish power
Corrupt Jewducy courts
No fault divorce
alimony/child support
Taxation / GST/VAT / Income tax
Usery, World Central banks , Fait currency, debt based economy
Millions for overseas 'aid'
Millions for CIA/NSA/FBI/NASA/5 eyes/Mossad/etc
Millions for China, Iran, Israel, Africa , UN, WEF, Central banks, Corporations

Statist is the enemy to freedom , knowledge, truth & speech. its all based on lies, decption, control, authoranism and weath redistrubution

No freedom exists while we have
- UN Agenda 21 - 2030 - NWO
- International Federal Goverence
- UN + WHO + G20 + WEF
- Taxation, Income tax, GST/VAT + overseas aid
- IMF + World Central bank + Usery
- Multi culturalism, Liberalism, Diversity, Equalit

In response John Burke to his Publication

Steve Badon is a "Christian' Zionist and Israel first

Disinfo wars refuses to name the jew, supports white replacement, multi culturalism, usery, taxation, statism and Agenda 21

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

God loves everyone
yet chooses illmoral evil decipive lying evil Jews as his 'choosen' people
which are behind

White Genocide
Western Destruction
Central banking
race mixing
females 'rights'/voting
Anti Free Speech
Anti nation
Anti Self defnse
Anti guns
Anti White
Anti Truth

In response Robert Franz to his Publication

170 nations goverments support

Agenda 21 2020-2030
Weath redistrubution
multi racialism
white genocide
white replacement
World Central banks
usery loans + fait currency
Global spining ball hoax
Equality fruad
Wamans 'rights'
Anti Nation
Anti White
Anti Men
Anti merit
and wars for israel

What are you fighting for

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

CT/ERIC - Society Foundation used to be based off:-
* Ethnic Nationalism
* Ethnic Protectionism
* Ethnic Tradationalism
* Patriarchy
* Free Market Captialism
* National Currency based on hours without Usery

What will Christianity + Church + Christians do to prevent World Dictorship happening in 2030 ?
If anything at all based sitting on your arse + praying

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