PERSONAL FINANCE Is Not Part Of government indoctrination, because - like civics - it’s
1.practically useful, AND
2.Would therefore be a threat to both teachers’ unions and the KHAZARocRAT Party.
#0urKHAZARi $tocracy #keepEmDUMB &votingCOMMIE

Why They Don't Teach Personal Finance in the Public Schools - YouTube

Part politics, part stupidity, but it all hurts children in the end - why the public schools rarely teaches personal finance to their students.

{{{ Australian Government }}} in April 2022

- Australian Department of Health Stunned By Senator's Question:
"What Is A Woman?"

#WEF #UN #agenda21 #2030 #mental -illness #brainwashing #Goyim #useful -idiots #Western -Destruction #australia #statism #government

Col Doug Macgregor telling it straight on situation between Ukraine and Russia, with no political BS. PS: The reality is that the US, Western Europe, Canada, all as part of NATO, which shouldn't even exist anymore, as it causes more problems than good, have been poking the Russian bear for years, through proxy, using Ukraine as their useful idiots, to harass any countries like Russia, that don't want to be a part of the corrupt world bank criminal cabal system (CONTINUES)

#tuckercarlson #Ukraine #Putin #Zelenskyy #DouglasMacgregor #Russia #UkraineRussia #VolodymyrZelenskyy #PresidentZelenskyy #UkraineRussiaWar #NATO #ww3

If there is anything more useful to the forces of darkness and tyranny than the typical useful idiot, it is those whom we might call “the useful innocents.”

Tommy Robinson is Anti white
Tommy Robinson is an Zionist

Tommy Robinson the Zionist Fraud

Tommy Robinson Zionist agent

Tommy Robinson at Zionist rally

Tommy Robinson: "If There Was a War... I'd be there fighting FOR ISRAEL"

Tommy Robinson EXPOSED

Zionist Tommy Robinson also a Mossad Agent ?

Tommy Robinson Proud Zionist
tommy robinson zionist & the useful idiot

I talked about some of this stuff in my recent video

Christians are weak subverted usefull idiots towards White genocide , western destruction and white power replacement for Israel, Jews , Judaism and Zionism
towards the Agenda 21 2020-2030/NWO goal

Every single race should have its own
- Nation
- Land
- Culture
- Currency
- Food
- Manfactoring

Useful for trolling leftists. To be placed under the noses of socialists along with the hashtag #americanpatriotsdareyounottogettriggered HA ha ha ha ha ha!

More like a WILLING 'DOPE' if you ask me. She might as well just change the letter behind her name to a D she's finished as an R. I reiterate my past comment - perhaps she should go on a hunting trip with Daddy..

IF THE ELITISTS ON THE LEFT EVER GET THEIR WAY - their useful tools won't like the results - - - When Leftists Say They Love ‘The Constitution,’ They Don’t Mean The Real One - - - The progressive project at its core means subverting the original American Constitution and its promise of securing Americans' natural rights, replacing it with a differ

Trans Racialism - Mentally ill self idenifty as another genetic race
#race #nationalism #genetic #idenity #trans #agenda21 #mental -illness

Because we dont have enough self hating mentally ill usefull idiots

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