Chembuster: “KLAUS SCHWAB & HUNTER BIDEN CONNECTED TO UKRAINE BIO-LABS! - GREG REESE” (6:13) Published March 11, 2022 Note: What’s happening between Russia and Ukraine, is not what it seems. West Ukraine’s government is corrupt, has neo-nazis within its national guard, and is connected to Soros, the Biden’s, and the DemonRats. Please don’t lose sight of this fact!

#NATO #madrid
(Ukraine is the Afghanistan of Europe ➖VOE)

MADRID — President Joe Biden said on Thursday the US will provide another US$800 million (S$1.1 billion) in weapons and military aid to Ukraine.

Biden had earlier pledged more American troops, warplanes and warships for Europe as Nato agreed to strengthen its deterrents, putting more than 300,000 troops on high alert from the middle of next year.

Why Israel is refusing to grant visa-free entry to Ukrainian citizens:

They wouldn’t be able to handle a massive influx of refugees. That’s why and not to mention, they work tireless to keep out any known foreign hostile elements.

The Alligator: The two-metre-long rifle in Ukrainian hands explained - YouTube

Ukrainian soldiers have been seen using the two-metre-long Alligator anti-materiel rifle, so we've taken a closer look at what it can do.The 25kg weapon is d...

BREAKING: Biden Wants The Filibuster “Nuked” To Protect Abortion

While meeting with other G7 leaders in Elmaue, Germany, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged to give over $350 million more to help Ukraine fend off Russia's invasion.

───── ❝ Wrong Decision at the Wrong Time ❞ ─────

Ukraine’s New Status as EU ‘Candidate Member’ a Dangerous Game to Play

The EU decision, in fanning the embers of a cold war with Russia and penalising that country’s invasion of Ukraine, might provoke Russia into retaliation. Indeed, the award of candidate status to Ukraine might be interpreted by the Kremlin as yet another piece in an attempted encirclement of Russia by the European Union and by NATO.

Ohio teen beaten to death at high school founded by LeBron James suffered a broken neck and had a shoe 'imprint in his chest wall' when he died, autopsy reveals

Russia Accuses Ukraine Of Preparing To Stage Chemical Weapon False Flag, Killing Civilians

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