Project Veritas released an 'leaked' video of ((( MUSK ))) with ((( TWATTER)) staff

Project Veritas - FULL CALL: Twitter All Hands with Elon Musk 16/June/2022

- Musk claims to want the (((Algorithm))) become open source and transparent
- Blue Check Mark verification via payment system - 3 bucks a month system
- Verified above non verified

#twatter #musk #Censorship #platform #free -speech #shutitdown #Check -Mark

Everything i posted on twatter in 2018-2019 is still an issue that never got addressed

I doubt any based people will get their accounts restored/fixed now { MUSK } bought it out
at best civnat kikes will get restored maybe a few { Libertarians }

#twatter #BigTech #Censorship #musk #Surveillance #offensive

Is this what "CONSERATISM" is about,
bitching they got banned/shadowlisted on twatter and big tech
but refusing to find real solutions
Not using alt tech
and not self hosting
along with paywalling their podcast website


Twatter's new TERMS OF SERVICE. And you thought the ouster of Taliban Jack would be an improvement, hahahaha..

Our New Overlord - YouTube

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It didn't take long to find this quote from Twatter's new RACIST CEO. As I said, if you thought Twatter would improve with the ouster of Taliban Jack, you're delusional. LEAVE NOW, goes for Fakebook too and all their subsidiaries (Instagram etc.)

“If people can’t differentiate between Muslims and extremists then why do I have to differentiate between white people and racists.“

Anybody that thought Twatter would improve with the ouster of Taliban Jack, think again. Anybody still on those communist platforms, Fakebook, Twatter or any of their subsidiaries, like Instagram et al, YOU'RE PART OF THE PROBLEM!! Oh yeah, after a little research it turns out that Parag (rag in his name seem appropriate) Agrawal is also a racist..

Twitter Bans Sharing Photos, Videos ‘Without C

Want to know why theirs no real solutions from GOP/Trump/Right Wing/Christianity/Conservatism groups:-

Twatter :-
"Did you know our CEO ,@StreitMarissa , used to work for Israeli intelligence?"

Streit Marissa -

In response Eric Thompson to his Publication

I guess this answers my earlier question about the new 'INDIAN' CEO at Twatter..

Seems we already have a replacement for Taliban Jack at Twatter although the question still remains, will he be any better??

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