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The Left is finally being forced to admit the truth about the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.

GYNOCENTRIC $PIRITUALISM Leads To Moral Relativism: the “DON’T JUDGE ME, YOU NAZI WHITE SUPREMACIST!!!” nutbag world of today where a lie is as good as the truth as long as it advances socialism


For those of you who haven't seen it or forgotten it, here is SeekingTheTruth's video about the passing of PCR test inventor Kary Mullis, who mysteriously passed away in August of 2019 shortly after calling out Fauci and the globalists for being a bunch of lying crooks who don't know anything about science. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe to SeekingTheTruth's channel and check out his other videos.

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BLIGHT HOUSE OCCUPANT Not Sure How Best to use DHS thought police on the “ANTIZEMITICK!!!”


Here is SeekingTheTruth's new video showing off the new UI for JoshWho TV. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe to SeekingTheTruth's channel and check out his other videos.

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Inconvenient truth for globalists: Arctic ice at 30-year high

In response Contenders Edge to his Publication

@ContendersEdge are you aware that this update link that you posted may be misinformation?! As always apply critical thinking, question everything. Be truth-seekers & freethinkers everyone?! God speed

🐵🚨 Exclusive Report: The Truth About Monkeypox


Senators Demand All Internal Records On Biden ‘Ministry Of Truth’


The Waterbearer: “Lara Logan Experienced Award Winning Journalist Drops TRUTH BOMBS ABOUT RUSSIA.mp4” (9:59) Published March 22, 2022 Note: FINALLY! Some truth bombs from a real investigative journalist! Not everything the media portrays regarding the Ukraine/Russia conflict, is as it appears. Question everything.

Video: CNN Host Stelter Sad Over Demise Of ‘Ministry Of Truth’


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