'This baby is yours!' Johnny Depp trial takes even stranger turn when fan holds up her child and tells Pirates of the Caribbean actor claiming he's the FATHER https://magabook.com/posts/379910

Anti-Disinformation: “FAUCI UNMASKED EPISODES 1-3 [THE TRIAL RUN, CONCOCTING A CRISIS, I AM SCIENCE]” (1:14:35) Published March 22, 2022 Note: I rarely suggest sharing anything from my posts. However; this time I’m making an exception. I strongly recommend sharing this video with others on social media, your family and your friends. This video helps to expose Fauci regarding Covid, and his “career” over the past 30+ years. #ArrestFauci

The proof: Sussmann billed Hillary’s campaign for his Russian collusion falsehood of Trump. Also, Elias revealed a number of Clinton campaign officials were aware of the smear campaign against Trump. #SussmannliedtoFBI #russiancollusionhoax

Federal Judge Interferes with Clinton Campaign Trial – He Just Limited Evidence to Exclude ‘Political Conspiracy’ https://thepatriotjournal.com/federal-judge-clinton-trial-evidence/ via@onlinepatriots

───── WAR CRIMES ─────
#Ukraine 💀
🇺🇦 Ukraine's chief prosecutor has announced plans to hold the first war crimes trial over Russia's invasion. Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch says both Russia and Ukraine have used cluster munitions. | https://rb.gy/vhdhky

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