Father of July Fourth shooter helped son buy firearm just two months after cops took away his collection of knives when he threatened to 'kill everyone': Parents release statement saying 'this is a terrible tragedy for many families... and our own' https://magabook.com/posts/440508

Why is it that when tragedy, hardship, misery, and catastrophe strike that people are so quick to shake their fists at God and accuse Him of evil and injustice instead of the devil who is really the one who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy (Jn. 10:10) and who is a liar and murderer from the very beginning of time itself? (Jn. 8:44)

Three people are arrested after 46 migrants were found dead in back of Texas tractor trailer while temperatures along border reach triple digits: Tragedy is one of America's deadliest human trafficking incidents in decades

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A mother whose teenage son was driven to suicide by bullies at his elite private school wants its former boss to be fired from his prestigious new job for allegedly failing to prevent the tragedy, or discipline her son's tormentors.

Video: Cruz Asserts “We’re Not Responding To Tragedy By Giving Up Rights”


World-wide tragedy!! Not only are the Covid vaccines causing tremendous harm and deaths, but information has been censored and suppressed.  Not to mention, all the propaganda dished out to the world via Mainstream News Media and social media platforms!
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📍 Reservoir Dogs star Michael Madsen's son Hudson dies of a gunshot wound in suspected suicide: 26-year-old Afghan veteran was godson of his father's longtime collaborator Quentin Tarantino 📌 Hudson's mother DeAnna Madsen, 61, was traveling to Hawaii to deal with the tragedy

Tragedy: Driver On The Run After Plowing Into Children, Killing 2 & Injuring 4 Others


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