As of today, there have been over 3,000 American teenagers killed (814) or injured (2,189) by gunfire this year.
The country didn't hit this number until August 30th in 2021.
Teenager incidents:

Syrian Migrant Kills German Teenager, Dumps Her Body at a Sewage Treatment Plant

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A mother whose teenage son was driven to suicide by bullies at his elite private school wants its former boss to be fired from his prestigious new job for allegedly failing to prevent the tragedy, or discipline her son's tormentors.

After reading this, I didn’t have problem with the terms set forth if the purchasing age for firearms is to be raised to 21 years of age. What about the rest of you out there?

[It also needs to be noted that if age restrictions to the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products doesn’t stop those below eighteen and twenty-one from gaining access to such, then how is raising the purchase age of firearms from 18 to 21 going to stop them from acquiring firearms?]

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Rachel was walking through Venice, California, with her eight-month-old son Charlie in August when a 16-year-old in a stolen car plowed into her

On Thursday the teenager was sentenced to five months in a probation camp, rather than juvenile detention

The first two months of U.S. gun violence in 2022, as of #March1st
•3,015 gun deaths
•5,266 gun injuries
•70 mass shootings
•166 children shot
•661 teenagers shot
•172 incidents of defensive gun use
•227 unintentional shootings
~3,960 suicides [CDC estimate]

If any member of this particular school board thinks it to be inappropriate for a parent to read a sexually charged passage from a HS library book for fear that children (teenagers most likely in this case) may be listening, then what is it doing in the HS library?

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