So yesterday my 19 year old daughter (who thinks voting is pointless) asked me to help her register to vote. I asked why the change of heart and she said "because my rights are being trampled on!". I said yes they are but why do YOU think they're being trampled on? She replied "because im losing my right to a safe abortion because of old white men"... So I sat her down and said I first off, killing a baby isnt a right and I have 3 questions for you. 1, what is murder? She replied "taking someones life." I said ok, B, should murder be illegal? She replied "of course". Then I said And last but not least, when does life start? She stared at me for a minute and said "i have to get my facts together before i talk to you about this". Haha!

#Inflation Was High Before #Ukraine : #FederalReserve Chairman Powell Tosses #JoeBiden Back Under The Bus - Admission decimates #Biden 's talking point that #Russian president #VladimirPutin caused inflation in U.S.

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Lights OUT Australia! Hugo Talks!---Hugo-Talks:d

Grid Power Solutions
* DIY Wind Turbine & Direct Solar + Supercaps
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Time to move OFF the STATE ((( MAINSTREAM ))) power grid

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New Talking Point: ‘Nationalism,’ Immigration Restrictions And Downplaying Jan 6 Are To Blame For 40 Year High INFLATION

Biden Angrily Orders Americans To Stop Talking About Government’s ‘Reckless Spending’: ‘We’re Changing People’s Lives!’

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