Masterofballs (Wolfballs admin) Lies About Video Site Costs
Rumble Odysee & Gab TV (TTOR) [JoshwhoTV]

Actual Free Speech Video Hosting + Livestreaming
- JoshwhoTV
- CorderTV

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Actual Free Speech Sites in June/July 2022

* Creation Social (Opensource social network) -
* Pieville (Masterdon)
* Loop -

I also recommend

* JoshwhoTV + CorderTV for Video/Streaming
* Entropy + superchats
* Subscribestar instead of Pateron
* Jitsi meet for Video Chats
* Mumble instead of Discord
* Delta Chat instead of Telegram/Matrix/Signal
* IRC + XMPP for Instant messaging

My vids about alt tech -

#alt -Tech #Censorship #free -Speech #goyimknowshutitdown

───── ❝ MASSACRE BUFFALO ❞ ─────

#USA Payton Gendron
🇺🇸 A Suspected White Supremacist Accused Of Gunning Down 10 People And Wounding Three Others In A Live-streamed Massacre At A Buffalo, NY Supermarket On Saturday Pleaded Not Guilty To One First Degree Murder Charges.

White Supremacist, 18, DENIES Killing Ten People - Including Hero Cop Who Tried To Stop Him - As He Is Arraigned After Livestreaming Mass Shooting At Buffalo Supermarket In Black Area With 'n****r' Scrawled On His Rifle

ReclaimTheNet Falsely Claims That Odysee Is Decentralized And Pro-Free Speech (TTOR) [JoshwhoTV]

#alt -Tech #free -Speech #de -Centralisation #video -Hosting #streaming #gatekeepers #TOS #hate -speech #kosher #Jewish -CEO #Censorship #odysee #peertube #joshwhotv #opensource #self -Hosting #ttor

Alt Tech :-
* LBRY/ODYSEE CEO - Jeremy Kauffman - (Ashkenazi Jew)
* Gettr - Jason Miller - (Ashkenazi Jew)
* DDG CEO - Gabriel Weinberg (Ashkenazi Jew)
* Signal - Moxie Marlinspike (Ashkenazi Jew)(Resigned Jan 2022)
* Parler - George Farmer (Married to Candace Owens [tpusa]) - (Zionist Shills)

Currently in the middle of watching last night's JoshWho News Livestream, where SeekingTheTruth, Censorship Sucks, and FawkesNewsUSA discuss the upgrades to JoshWho TV livestreaming, the J&J vaccine getting recalled, and more. If you like what you see, be sure to subscribe to Josh's channel, and check out his other videos.

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For those of you who missed it, here is the replay of the GodTVRadio livestream that I hosted on Brett Keane's channel while restreaming it to my JoshWho TV channel. In this stream, I provide the Biblical evidence that Jesus is God, and I engage in back and forth discussion with atheists and other Christians on Bible topics. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe to my channel, and help spread the word.

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Households Cancel Streaming Subscriptions in Record Numbers as Inflation Forces Cutbacks

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