Beto Quietly Shifts to Hardline Anti-gun Stance, Campaign Stealth Edits Website

Podcast on Hold, found this story!
Porch Pirate Learns The Hard Way Not To #steal When #Marine Riggs #Amazon Package To Serve Him Instant #Justice – The #Robber Soiled Himself

Well, I went to vote this morning and immediately lost confidence in PA's primary election... We're using the same voting machines they used to steal 2020. Just to try to make sure my vote counted the way I wanted it to I hand wrote everyone I voted for even though their names were on the ballot.

Get the word out! Share, Retweet! We need to pay attention!!!! If we don't, Democrats will steal again!

Video: US Army vet shows off Russian assault vehicle he helped steal in Ukraine:

So Bradlee Dean can destroys the person's faith.
John 10:10
“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to
kill, and to destroy.

Stealth Food Chain Termination & WHO 1-World Govt.

There a harsher reality being hidden from Americans and the general population of the once-upon-a-time Free World? Here is some food supply chain & sovereignty information to ponder YOU probably won’t see or hear on the Dem-Marxist mouthpieces in the MSM:
#FoodChainDestruction #WHO1WorldGovt

When a child does something wrong, some fear does need to enter into them so that they will not continue in their bad behavior. They need to understand that bad actions DO result in bad consequences and the sooner they learn that the better.

YOU MAY Have Your Doubts About it, but those will disappear when the banKHAZARi$tocracy puts in place a FEDuciary $ystem that can track every purchase & steal everything you have in the stroke of a keyboard
#Revelation13 :16-18 #KLAU $terfucked

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