In response Bernice Halbert to her Publication

ANYONE who still believes today that the Earth is a spinning ball is DEFINITELY NOT part of the Great Awakening. Mass Formation Psychosis.

Jen is always spinning or dodging - it’s game over and everyone see’s it..
Twitter stronghold meltdown is at the heart of the beast!
Keep squeezing the juice of a dried lemon 🤣

Earth is a Flat Plane Non Rotating Realm
made by the creator for humanity
with a firmament above

Dutch Ghost Island Defies Earth's ""Curvature""
(@ChadPrestonOfficial) {Odysee}'s:9

#Water #level #plane #realm #Earth
#cult -Of-Science #repeat -and-believe #mainstream -is-narrative
#statism #government #Trust -Official-Doctrine


Where is all the Christians and Church's , exposing the World narrative lie about Spinning Ball Hoax and a demand to refund the billions stolen under false pretense that goes to {NASA}

@TTOR @Republic4nPower
@EricThompson @ktruth @ChristianTalk

In response Christian Talk to his Publication

@EricThompson @TTOR @ChristianTalk

Eric/TTOR/Christians/Christian Talk

Globe Spinning Ball is CGI Fake Image
(+ NASA creator admits it)

Earth is a Flat Non rotating Plane Realm
(Gov , aircraft + NASA doc admit this)

Why don't Christians have the balls to tell the truth about our reality , our earth, our World that was designed for us

* PhD in Physics gets a dose of FLAT EARTH Truth

* Compass Proves FLAT EARTH

* Flat Earth - Mirror Line Horizon

* Why Flat Earth Matters

Things That Make You Go Hmmm
- Flight Routes Globe Spinning Ball map VS No rotating Flat Earth AE map

NASA gets millions of dollars PER DAY from Tax cattle
Flat earth community doesn't get any tax/government funding

Who has the most to lose by the truth coming out
NASA and Governments
or independent self funded truth seekers

#flat #realm #plane #Earth #world #truth #non -rotating #Emergency -landings

(Spinning and Denial is the name of the game)

Psaki on Why Single Adult Men Are Being Released into U.S. | Watch ⬇️

Supreme Court Sends Joe Biden Spinning – The Justices Just Drilled Down On The President’s Sweeping Mandates | REPORT ⬇️

Florida Sent Spinning By Election Turnaround – For The First Time, Democrats Will Be Outnumbered By The GOP | REPORT ⬇️

Pseudo-Scientific Moon Mathe-Magic (Eric Dubay)
- odysee -
- bitchute -
#government #education #history #media #NASA
#heliocentric #globe #spinning -ball
#flat -earth #expose #disclose #plane #non -rotating

Earth is a Flat non rotating Plane Realm

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