In response charlie brownau to his Publication

as one, my answer is no, most do not lift a finger, been in the fight to save America since 1985 (I am now 60) - you might want to check the Sons of Liberty, they are Anti rapture, but when it comes to politics and the Constitution, they are right on target! and

California: Before Testifying Against Fellow Officers Covering Up A Murder As A Suicide, Officer “Dies Of Suicide”

It’s Time Merrick Garland & Unconstitutional Agencies Were Schooled On The Constitution (Video)

On Top Of The COVID Hoax, We’re Now Experiencing The Facebook Hoax – Both Deprive YOU Of Liberty (Video)

The Global Energy Crisis Is Going To Take “The Everything Shortage” To An Entirely New Level

British Artist Raps To Kids “Don’t Take The Vaccine” – & He’s A Hit! (Video)

#Doctor Escorted Out Of Medical Center For Being #UNVACCINATED : “What They Don’t Realize Is I’m Willing To Lose Everything!” (Video)

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